Where is Mountaindale?

Adie was always a very charitable person. I gave, but not with the same spirit and intensity.

Profit generated by her lice treatment centers was tithed, and then, there were always the special needy cases.

One summer she confided spending substantially on a advertisement campaign that didn't pan out. I told her not to worry as I had followed her lead and contributed to a local school. Surely our meritorious ways would not go unrewarded.

Later in the day she asked me for directions to Mountaindale. It turns out that camps in that town needed her service. They had seen the ads, and now there would be a lot of lice screenings.

I proceeded to give her directions but wondered why the name Mountaindale sounded familiar.

It soon came to me. The charity I had written a check out to earlier that morning was for the school of Mountaindale.

No good deed goes unrewarded.