A Random act of Kindness

Ask 2 people in business what makes them successful and you are bound to get drastically different points of view.

What sets our Lice Removal company apart from the rest is the "Give back to the community" flavor Adie incorporates into day to day operations.

My desk is in an office down the hall, but in the course of the day I pop into Licenders and get to interact with my wife and her staff. It was on one such occasion that I observed the following.

A mom with 3 children was having them treated for a heavy case of head lice infestation. As she was getting ready  to leave, the mom broke down and started to cry.

Adie quickly ran over to console her. Apparently the mom was taking the now "lice free" children home, only to start combing herself out, after putting the kids to bed.

The mom looked exhausted,
overwhelmed, and without hope.

Quickly Adie suggested she call her husband to pick up the children. Licenders would get her clean for free!

As it turns out the woman was a member of a local P.T.A.. When the school nurse found out what happened, she quickly called to become a Licenders contracted school.