Getting a call from the school or camp nurse that your child has head lice can be daunting. What to do first? How long will it take? How much will it cost?  These lice questions stand in the way of our normal daily routine. Speak to a lice expert, who will help you come up with a lice treatment catered to you busy lifestyle. 1-888- LICENDERS

Guaranteed Lice Removal

We are so confident in our lice removal treatment, that we guarantee results when maintenance is followed.

Preventing Head Lice

A good way to prevent head lice is to explain to your child how lice spread. Remind children not to share headgear or to lean their heads against their friends heads.

Facts about head lice

Part of our lice treatment includes calming down and educating parents struggling with head lice infestation. When they hear that head lice do not fly, and head lice do not jump, they are greatly relieved.

Learn the Symptoms of Head Lice

My daughter went off to sleep away camp and I sent her with a bottle of head lice shampoo. Even though I warned her not to share hats and not to lean her head against her friends, there is still a good chance she will catch head lice.