lice treatment for the 21st century

A lot of blogs have been written about head lice. Most of it is repetitive, as a lot of blog editors just cut and paste their lice information.
Here at Licenders we've had a different direction since our inception in 1996. It's always been about providing the best head lice service at the most reasonable price. You could charge less but the people you would have to hire wouldn't be able to provide the level of customer service we wanted to attain.
Over the years many companies have come to us with their lice products. New bells, new whistles, they didn't kill lice but they were new.
We always stayed away from that and instead went with what was natural and made sense as part of a lice treatment. Now we have been working with the AirAlle` device which is high tech and it works. It's not just a new product. It sucks out the humidity from lice and their eggs and they die. Simple, straightforward lice treatment.
The most difficult part of getting rid of head lice is getting out all the eggs (nits). If you don't kill all the nits, the lice cycle will start all over.
We've been around a long time. Now we use the AirAlle` in every lice treatment we perform. It's that good. You need all the help you can get so that you don't leave behind any bugs. The AirAlle` gives our staff the edge they need to get every louse and every nit. Feel confident when you come to licenders.