Working with Adie is like working for family. The office staff is very close. Each task gets our best effort.
Frequently I ask myself "How would Adie handle this?"  I treat the business like it's my own. I love the team we have. We support each other and are there for one another no matter what.
You can talk to  Adie about anything, she is always there for me. The entire staff feels like this.
I had a situation and Adie opened her arms, 
and heart, to help me through it. You never get that in life. Usually your boss never really knows you, maybe they know your name.

We all experience some hard times in life. It's comforting to know that besides my family, I have a support team at work.  Adie, Barbara G, Myasia J, Ina and Monique (the Manager).

We are not only a team, We are family!

I have learned many things here and have grown as a woman.

I am grateful for it!    C. Lowe