As a business owner I know how important it is to have good staff. It's your employees who make your company.

Licenders is truly blessed with a wonderful staff. In this blog I'd like to highlight some of the attributes of our super star Margaret.
The other night Adie and I happened to be working in our Lice Treatment Center later then usual. A call came in from Margaret, one of our clinicians, who was working a job downtown.
The job was bigger then expected and she was in desperate need of more supplies. I was happy to bring what was needed and meet her at the client's home.

When I was in front of the apartment I called her cell and asked if she could come down to the car. A few moments later Margaret arrived with the beaming client in tow.

The mom just wanted to let me know what a "Gem" Margaret was. I'm very proud of my staff, Customer service is what we are all about.